NFRC RoofTop Podcast

Episode 8 ft Katie O’Neill from RSPB

March 29, 2021

Did you know that the UK saw a 53 per cent decline in the swift population between 1995 and 2016? Swifts tend to nest in gaps high-up on homes and in other buildings, and when these buildings are refurbished, these swifts have nowhere to nest. The good news is we are working with the RSPB to help do our bit to reverse the decline, by helping to raising awareness amongst the roofing industry, and encourage the installation of swift nest boxes.

In this episode of NFRC’s podcast, RoofTop, we interview Katie O’Neil, from RSPB’s Scotland’s Edinburgh Swift City Project, to discuss what more roofers can do to help. We also talk through some of the winning projects from the UK Roofing Awards 2020 and discuss NFRC’s Accident Statistics.

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